General dentistry

General dentistry involves examinations and treatments which are usually uncomplicated.

General dentistry in Landskrona

General dentistry involves examinations and treatments which are usually uncomplicated. It can include anything from examinations and preventive care, to root canal treatments, repairs, tooth extractions or the treatment of periodontal diseases.

Dental check-ups

Dental examinations are carried out to detect and prevent dental diseases. The dentist examines the entire mouth, including teeth, soft tissues, jaw joints, bite, and gum pockets, and x-rays are also taken if necessary. The examination will help you find out whether you have any problems, and need to see the dentist or dental hygienist further. In such cases, you will also receive a cost estimate and a treatment plan.

Preventive treatments by dental hygienist

A dental hygienist works to prevent dental diseases and oral health-related problems through regular and thorough examinations and the cleaning of teeth and gums. We offer all our patients an individual risk assessment and care plan at their regular examinations, which may involve extra fluoride supplementation, more frequent visits to the dental hygienist, and instruction and information about how to use various oral care products.

Bite splint

Many patients  experience frequent tension-type headaches or stiffness in the jaw and neck muscle  caused by the bite. We examine all patients for so-called “bite physiology complaints” in their annual examination. If necessary, an individually designed bite splint that relieves the bite and the jaw muscles and protects the teeth may help.

The dentist can also show you physical therapy exercises for overstrained jaws neck muscles.


Small and medium-sized defects in the teeth can be repaired with a filling in porcelain, plastic or gold. During a repair, all diseased tooth tissue is removed, after which the tooth is resealed and rebuilt to become a functioning tooth again.


If a tooth is so damaged that a normal repair is deemed unlikely to last, a crown is recommended to restore it. All diseased tooth tissue is removed and then the tooth is prepared with the intention of saving as much healthy tooth substance as possible. A crown is ordered from a dental technician, and looks and works just like a regular tooth.

Root canals

If a tooth injury goes all the way down to the pulp, where nerves and blood vessels are located, the tooth needs to be root filled. The root canals are cleaned out and flushed with antibacterial solution and then plugged. The treatment usually takes one or two visits. After this, the tooth can be built up with either a repair or a crown.

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X-ray examination

The dentist needs to take one or more X-rays during many treatments and examinations.

We use a digital X-ray, which means that the image is immediately displayed on the computer screen so that the dentist can show and explain what is seen in the picture. In some cases, a so-called panoramic x-ray is taken, which is a complete x-ray of all teeth, jaw joints and the surrounding tissue, and is something we can provide here at the clinic.

Dental surgery

Dental or oral surgery is the collective name for many different types of surgery involving the oral cavity. We perform all types of operations, such as inserting implants, or removing wisdom teeth or root remains.

Tooth loss treatment

Tooth decay is a chronic disease that affects the attachment of the tooth, and if left untreated leads to loose teeth. The root cause is often a bacterial infection which  started as a gingivitis. The course of the disease is affected by various factors, such as smoking, inadequate oral hygiene, and hereditary factors. Oral hygiene is very important, and the treatment itself consists mainly of professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist. The results of treatment are good if received in time. If the disease has progressed too far, tooth loss surgery can be considered.

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