Dental check-up examination

Regular dental examinations are an important part of good oral care

Dental check-up examination in Landskrona

Regular dental examinations are an important part of good oral care. Examinations allow our dentists and dental hygienists to examine your oral health and identify any dental problems that need be addressed, create a therapy plan, discuss it with you, and offer you a cost proposal.

To ensure you receive dental care that works well for you, the dentist 

or dental hygienist will examine every aspect of your oral health during a thorough investigation. Teeth, gums, tongue and mucous membranes are examined by our highly skilled and knowledgeable team, and x-rays can be taken if required. Modern workspaces equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment are available to us.

An examination reveals possible conditions and diseases such as caries, gingivitis, tooth loss, changes in mucous membranes and other problems.

After the examination, the dental team will inform you about how your teeth, jaw and oral cavity are felt. If more treatments are required, we will explore the many options  together with you., You will always be offered a treatment plan and a cost proposal to ensure you have complete control over procedures, costs and timing. Regular dental visits enable the early detection of problems and diseases, which simplifies the treatment process and makes it faster and cheaper. You will receive advice on preventive care and how to effectively manage your dental health.

A large part of dental treatment is the prevention of oral health problems. Everything from dietary advice, examinations and cleaning, to instructions on how to brush and floss are part of preventive care. Preventative dental treatment lowers the incidence of caries, tooth loss and inflammation. You can maintain good dental health by having regular examinations!

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